Protecting your firm's data, privacy and reputation

Living in a data-driven world, the possibilities to make connections and personalize your experiences are endless. But with this power also comes vulnerability and regulation. Guarding your data and privacy, as well as your clients’, must remain a top priority – especially when reputation is everything.

Our approach, processes and work are all designed with security and privacy in mind, ensuring you not only deliver extraordinary branded digital experiences, but with each one you also gain (and maintain) the confidence and trust of your most important audiences.

Adhering to the highest standards

As one of the first ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified digital agencies, One North integrates security best practices throughout our business to protect and manage our clients’ assets, digital properties and brands. The One North information security management system (ISMS) delivers a comprehensive approach to security across people, process, technology, controls and management related to our web hosting, remote access, and onboarding & offboarding services, as well as all processes related to protecting client data.

All of One North’s security policies and procedures are designed to meet the three main objectives of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability while following our security guiding principles:

  • Share accountability: One North’s culture of security ensures everyone is responsible for security.
  • Limit access: The right people have access to the right information, at the right time – and no more than that.
  • Balance goals: We ensure the business goals we establish complement and strengthen our security goals.
  • Be proactive: We take proactive steps to ensure our efforts are designed to prevent unauthorized access to data.

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Fostering a culture of security

We know that security is a heavy burden to bear – one that we believe shouldn’t rest on the shoulders of one person or team alone. Power comes with numbers and information, and that’s why every last one of our employees is educated on and held accountable for following strict security standards. One North employees undergo regular security training, and we conduct annual third-party surveillance reviews of our ISMS to ensure we maintain rigorous security controls and protocols. As an agency, we’re committed to ensuring our clients are also informed, empowered and secure.

Proactively preventing attacks

As marketing technology grows more sophisticated, so do cyber attacks. That’s why our approach is centered around staying one step ahead of any potential threats. We prefer to be proactive, not reactive. In addition to architecting our hosting environments with data and privacy standards in mind, our dedicated team of engineers provide clients peace of mind through 24/7/365 monitoring and support for all hosted applications.

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