Leverage AI to enhance your content marketing efforts and improve the user experience

It's important to ensure your website visitors don't end up at a dead end on your site. However, connecting them with additional relevant content to explore isn't always a simple task. Between establishing an effective taxonomy, appropriately tagging your content, and remembering everything you've accumulated in your content library, approaching this from a manual, "human intelligence" perspective often requires your content editors to work harder and longer than necessary to surface quality recommendations. 

Looking for a better way to identify and suggest relevant next actions and improve the user experience on your site? Our custom approach applies our decades of experience in the professional services space to automate and optimize the process, helping PSOs gain efficiencies on the back-end, while also providing a better front-end experience for users.

  • One North's Relevance Engine leverages cloud-based AI and machine learning to process and tag content based on what it is about, not just what practice/industry it relates to.
  • A separate taxonomy is created based on the key themes the AI uncovers in your content (organizations, topics, places). Your site is then able to utilize that taxonomy for greater recommendations, reporting or searching.
  • A consistent thread of tagging is established, helping you quickly and automatically establish connections between relevant content and present quality recommendations to your visitors.
  • The Relevance engine works with your existing CMS and requires no design changes to your site.

One North clients who have taken advantage of the Relevance Engine have seen significant improvement in the relationships established between their content offerings, resulting in more relevant suggestions for their users and up to a twentyfold increase in clicks to their recommendations. Contact us today to learn how we can do the same for your firm.

Interested in enhancing the calls-to-action on your site, improving your SEO and, ultimately, driving awareness and additional engagement amongst your current and prospective clients? Complete the form below, and a One North rep will be in touch to discuss how the Relevance Engine can help make doing so much easier.

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